I offer a full range of  test consulting services, planning each engagement with you to focus on your management concerns and your organization's software project risks. The list of services described here is not exclusive, but is intended to give you ideas of the kinds of consulting available.


Contact me if you need help with a test effort that's in trouble. I'll work with you to identify the issues and to develop and implement practical action plans to address each one and get your testing back on track.

Agile Test Coaching

It's the testers' jobs that change the most radically when an organization adopts Agile. I speak your testers' language and can coach them through the transition. I'll help them grow into new skills and behaviours for Agile projects, and make the most productive use of their existing skills.

Test capability/test project assessment

An assessment is a good place to start when you want to improve your organization’s test capabilities, rescue or reorient a project test effort that appears to be in trouble, or simply understand how well your testing is aligned to your business risks. (More...)

Test capability enhancement

A consulting engagement to help enhance your test management and testing capability needs to be a collaborative effort, where the test manager and test team own the result. (More...)

Test management consulting and coaching

Perhaps you want to consult on your test management needs, or have a newly promoted test manager/lead who could benefit from coaching and mentoring. This kind of consulting engagement could be a project in itself, or it could be a follow-on from a test assessment or test capability enhancement project.


Experiential workshops

I conduct experiential workshops for clients and through public classes, providing participants the opportunity to learn by doing in a safe classroom environment away from the daily stresses of the job. See the Workshops page for more information.

Project/program test management

I manage testing on projects of all sizes, and if needed can step in and rescue a stalled or misdirected test effort, or testing on a troubled project. I specialize in managing testing on large projects or multi-project programs, and have particular interest and experience in managing large-scale systems integration testing.